POS – Point of Sale Display

A specialised type of sales promotion that can be seen on, next to, or close to a checkout counter is a point-of-sale display. They are used to promote special events, such as seasonal or holiday specials, and to bring customers’ attention to products, which may be new or on special offer.

It exists independently of the fixed store installation and contains merchandise that customers can purchase.

They successfully incorporate an offer into the shopping experience by placing it in the centre of the aisles or all around the store. An important part of any in-store marketing or merchandising plan is the use of free-standing or stand-alone displays. They are thoughtfully made to stand out on the sales floor, where the majority of choices regarding purchases are still made.

There are numerous point-of-sale displays in stores, including the following:

  • Presentations at the counter
  • Exhibits on the ground
  • A stack of talkers
  • Utilizing lightboxes

Why is A Point of Sale Display Necessary?

Marketers claim that the “problem detection response” of consumers has some roots in point-of-sale displays. Usually, the items on those displays are ones that buyers may not have originally included on their shopping lists. Customers are given an intuitive picture of products and the appropriate uses for those items on these displays.

Product On The Point of Sale Display

At a POS Display, any product can be exhibited, however it is advised that convenience goods be the most prominent. Retailers should think about the following things:

  • Drinks that don’t contain alcohol
  • Bars of candy and chocolate
  • Chewing gum
  • Magazines and comic books
  • Cigarettes and lighters
  • Special goods
  • Merchandise
  • Things sold in large quantities

Things To Keep in Mind While Designing A POS Display

Take a Chance

That on purpose shouldn’t be surprising. Use bold colours, large fonts, and highlight images instead for your POS Display Design. The idea is to catch the attention of the clients with those qualities.

Showcase Benefits of Products

What advantages do users of your product enjoy? At the point-of-sale display design given , you have the chance to respond. Give a list of the benefits of purchasing something that would appeal to both impulse consumers and people who have been debating the purchase for a time.

One approach to convey this significance is through statistics or graphs that show the difference your products can make in the lives of your customers. Other options, like a discount option, are significantly more action-oriented and lessen the perceived difficulty of purchasing your goods.

Make it Your Own

Every marketing campaign, including your Point-of-Sale Design event, is strengthened by personalization. Of course, you can’t speak directly to every individual in your target demographic. especially in retail settings where the program is seen by tens of thousands of people every day. However, you can adapt it to your target consumer community by utilising language that is action-oriented.

Bottom Lines

Point of sale displays designs are an effective way to encourage customers to make impulsive purchases. Retailers may greatly raise brand awareness and enhance sales revenue by producing eye-catching, user-friendly, and well-designed displays.