Trade Show Display

PURE Creative Solutions Inc is your one-stop solution provider that helpspromote your brand through a trade show display. This is because we put our best foot forward to ensure that your exhibit attracts as much attention as possible while telling your story and leaving your audience interested in what you offer. We promise that when you work with us, your brand will stand out from the rest in its own, unique and special way.

To begin, you can take a look at our Carolina Herrera retail trade show display, which goes by the motto “very bad with a good heart.” This message makes its place on a black thunderbolt, which is a smaller part of a large, red heart. The brand, as described on its website, is a sophisticated retailer that specializes in the sale of high-end fashion and accessories for women. Additionally, this particular display greatly emphasizes the colors red and black to really make it pop out all that much more. It also features 2 vertical rectangular-shaped blocks, each with a glass top with an item placed inside the glass. As you may have already guessed by now, one of them is red while the other one is black.

Our Dufry World Cup retail trade show display is another one of our brand promotions that are heavily influenced by the sport of soccer. It contains a soccer ball-shaped floor with a section of artificial grass resembling a soccer pitch. This exhibit is sponsored by Budweiser, known for its world class beer. The reason for this collaboration might be because sports and drinks often go together, with a prime example being football and Gatorade, a well-known sports drink. In terms of this display, it has a flatscreen TV that is mounted on a stand. There’s an interactive video game that spectators can play which allows them to customize a soccer player according to their liking and play the game virtually on the TV while watching themselves with a camera. There are also 2 more monitors, one on its left and another on its right. The one on the right displays a soccer game being played on live television.

The Quarem 10 x 20 trade show display has the saying “software in the cloud. Experts in the ground.” It also highlights qualities such as lease administration, project management, asset management, and fully managed services. On their official website, it mentions “powerful software and dedicated people working together to provide effective lease management.” Some benefits Quarem claims you will get by using them are saving time and money, the fact that there is no expertise required, and gaining a reliable partner. Their mission is to “utilize experience-driven software and passionate people to help professionals organize their leases so they can take control of the details and simplify their daily processes.”