About Us

Our Evolution

At PURE Creative Solutions, we have a rich history that traces back to the challenging times of 2020 when the world was grappling with the impacts of COVID-19. Originally established as a medical, creative company with a focus on developing products to promote cleanliness and well-being during the pandemic, we have since transformed into a leading creative agency that excels in delivering innovative 3D marketing solutions.

In 2021, our evolution led us to establish a strong presence in duty-free cosmetic counters, brand activations, and graphics at the prestigious George Bush Intercontinental Airport. We also ventured into creating captivating pop-up shops in vibrant cities like Atlanta and Houston. As the year progressed, we returned to our expertise in corporate trade shows and events, leveraging our extensive experience in this domain.

The driving force behind PURE Creative Solutions is our team of seasoned founders and principals, who collectively possess over 50 years of experience in creative and marketing roles. Costas Varkarotas, an accomplished industrial automotive, product, and exhibit designer, brings over 30 years of experience crafting award-winning exhibits and environments nationally and internationally. Erik Streight complements this with his extensive background in marketing and service, with over 20 years of expertise in developing impactful campaigns and environments across the United States.

Costas and Erik embarked on a mission to redefine the creative agency landscape by introducing a new model characterized by lower overheads and cutting-edge innovation. Our approach is rooted in deep listening and understanding of our client’s needs, enabling us to deliver solutions that make sense and provide a transformative experience for our clients and their target audiences. At PURE Creative Solutions, we are committed to delivering holistic solutions that drive success and leave a lasting impact.

Our Philosophy

We chose PURE in our name because it represents who and what we strive to be: direct, unmodified, transparent, honest, ethical, unique, and holistic in our design processes and approach. 

We take a holistic, user-centric, and innovative approach to dealing with challenges and deliver functional solutions that co-exist and integrate with your space, environment, and brand.

We believe in providing clients with the industry’s best immersive and narrative solutions, products, and services. We support them with our creativity, experience, knowledge, and relationships worldwide, leaving the last impression and clear messaging that helps their brand grow.

Our service and commitment are positioned to deliver the entire process for our clients, including quality-executed products, the best logistical teams in the business, a global network in place, the ability to navigate through all the industry obstacles, cost-effective manufacturing techniques that lead to a turn-key project, and account management, all under one umbrella.

Our motivation is you…. We deliver customer-centric, effective solutions that build relationships based on trust and performance. That’s PURE—your partner who is with you every step of the way.


Erik Streight

Erik Streight

Managing Director, Partner
Costas Varkarotas

Costas Varkarotas

Principal + Chief Creative