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Brand Recognition & Cohesion

Growing up, I used to play this game with my dad where he would show me pics of sections/parts of classic cars, and I would have to identify the brand and model. The iconic brands like Ferrari and Mercedes were easy because they had common denominators (shapes, design elements, recognizable parts, intakes, etc.) in their cars. I later found out this is called brand unity and cohesion.

These car companies have been schooled in brand recognition, and you can see it throughout their product range.They understand the importance of brand recognition, uniqueness, and unity, and having their products be recognizable at a distance.

The same philosophy applies with trade shows, architecture, and exhibits. Many fast-food companies like McDonald’s have been doing this successfully for years with their golden arches. You see them not only on the architecture but on their packaging as well. It makes sense to merge and fuse the brand, and its story into the properties so it is recognizable from afar. Cohesion is the “glue” that holds a brand together. It’s vital in bringing the brand and overall story together.

In today’s trade show market, the philosophy of cohesion is more important than ever. So how do you implement cohesion effectively? Brand cohesion starts with the guidelines: your website, brand colors, recognizable design elements, messaging, and story. You need to excite and engage your audience. Draw them into your space and immerse them into your exhibit, brand, and story. Ultimately, sell them on your product(s) and services. It makes for a more impactful show and experience. As you develop brand loyalty, people will flock to your exhibit and recognize you the moment they open the door. Brand recognition and cohesion are the difference between attending a show and really showing up and making a statement.